A conversation with Husko

Words by Drew-Alexandra O’Keeffe

Bringing the groove all the way from Malta is up and coming artist Karl Tabone, AKA, Husko. Favouring the tech house and disco genres, Husko aims to break into the industry overseas, as well as keeping it cool in his home country where his music is already thriving.

Although it wasn’t always tech house and disco that first got him interested in music, he tells us that earlier in his life he would listen to the likes of the Gorillaz and Linkin Park, until he discovered the scenes of the genre he specifies in today. 

“My love for music began later in life when I started to grow up and see videos online of these mega festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival. That’s when I started to dig into it and explore new genres.

Tech house will always be my personal favourite, but I also love house more than people know. The local scene here is also a bit more house, so it’s nice to diversify. The thing with house music is that its roots are so deep in the past, be it through sampling or artist influences so you get a nice flavour out of it and that is why I love making disco-house, perfect for the summer season.”

A turning point 

His enthusiasm has landed him collaborations with Toolroom Records, A/P and even recognition from BBC Radio 1 legend, Annie Mac. “This is probably the equivalent to being noticed by the president of your own country, honestly. She’s such an iconic figure in the scene with a massive following so to have her play mine and A/P’s track 4 times in a row on her BBC Radio 1 show is pretty much a dream come true. They have helped so much when you compare us to before. It’s nice to gain some recognition and have people notice you through your works. After “One Night Stand” was released we really gained a solid following of disco lovers and constantly have people asking us when our follow up track is coming out.”

The Inspiration 

How does an artist become inspired to create tracks to move people? Husko explains his inspirations and tactics to creating that gold standard track. 

“It depends what I’m making usually. When it comes to the tracks that I sign to Toolroom, I just imagine making a track that would be played at a big open-air venue. My more disco stuff is all about the sample. You know straight away from the minute you find it what kind of track you’ll make and if the energy is there. “One Night Stand” was inspired by a local festival called “Lost and Found”; we just imagined a track that would fit right into Annie Mac and Denis Sulta’s sets.

I’m inspired by artists who are still in the climbing stages like me if you know what I mean. It’s no easy journey but seeing others succeed really inspires me.”

Encouraging others is something that is seen a lot in the industry. With DJs and producers constantly collaborating and shouting out others, it’s clear Husko will fit right in. As well as being inspired by festivals and samples, Husko looks to those who have been in the industry for a long time, so who is his favourite artist?

“Needless to say, it’s Mark Knight and I look up to him for multiple reasons. Firstly, he’s been in the scene for years and is still at the top of his game which is not something easy to do. Secondly, he’s built this big family/movement behind his label which is something I really am happy to be a part of. Lastly, but definitely not the least, he makes killer tracks which will always have a place in my sets.

I’m a sucker for big piano hooks when done right. Mark Knight has two tracks that will forever be in my A-list which are “Yebisah” and “Second Story”. Perfect peak time tunes with loads of energy behind them that work every time.”

The next steps

“My main hope and dream is to begin touring outside my country as that is where my main demographic is. I also have collaborations with some truly talented people that I think will really give my career that boost. Overall, I feel like I’m on the right path, at the end of the day it’s a marathon not a sprint.”

Husko, only 24, is someone to watch out for. You can listen to him on most music streaming platforms, and you might just catch some of his tracks on the radio, if it’s good enough for Annie Mac, it’s good enough for anyone. Husko is sure to be a name you remember. 

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