Belgian DJ Amelie Lens is releasing a new EP: ‘The Future’

Amelie Lens, who first got real recognition and praise with her 2017 EP ‘Contradiction’, has just announced that there is another big project on the way.

The DJ and entrepreneur has just revealed that her EP ‘The Future’ will be her 10th release on the LENSKE music label- a label whom she founded and launched back in May 2018.

airod:fury release date: October 25, 2019

According to Lens, this new EP will count with the participation of various artists and collaborators. It will consist of five tracks, and producers such as Farrago, Milo Spykers, AIROD, Ahl Iverwho; who have been directly linked to the label from its beginning, have all contributed with a song each.

This new release also comes quite soon after her 2018 EP ‘Hypnotized’, which did incredibly well online. LENSKE will be releasing ‘The Future’ on Friday, February 21st, and it will be available both digitally and on vinyl.

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By Sofia Mendes

MITA Magazine


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