Brace yourself for social distancing nightclubs and drive-in raves

Germany has recently become the first country to host a ‘social distancing friendly’ night out.

In Münster, promoters of Coconut Beach club and TakaTuka were able to get artists like Gerd Janson, Steve Stix, Thorsten Karger and Kai Lorenzen to perform for 100 individuals.

In normal circumstances, their venue has the capacity to accommodate upwards of 2000 people- but in light of the world’s current situation, circles were drawn on the dance floor each 1.5-2 metres apart and groups of more than 4 people were also assigned their own specific areas of interaction.

In order to follow safety requirements, only half of the venue was open to the public and all attendees were required to wear face masks.

Not long before this, in early May, a ‘car rave’ took place in the German town of Schüttorf. Club Index opened its car park to 250 cars and got DJ Devin Wild to headline the night- footage of the event is all over social media, and it shows the ‘crowd’ wearing face masks while dancing enthusiastically in their cars.

The events were successful, and Germany has been one of the first European countries to relax their Lockdown measures; public places such as museums, restaurants and even zoos have started to reopen; England is slowly following on those footsteps with schools, parks and some bars expecting a comeback on the 1st of June.

In an immediate future, we could potentially see some night clubs in London organising social distancing friendly raves like the ones hosted in Germany and anyone who has been craving a good night out, might soon have the chance to attend one while remaining safe.

Written by Sofia Mendes


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