Ida Engberg says: "soon there could be more masks than jellyfish in the waters of the Mediterranean"

Ida Engberg, the popular Swedish techno DJ, has recently commented on links between the use of PPE during the Coronavirus, and her passion for keeping the planet healthy. A post stating that ‘soon there could be more (medical) masks than jellyfish in the waters of the Mediterranean’ has been added to her Instagram feed as she continues to express how she feels about this discovery within the caption section of the post.

“This makes me question our intelligence as a species”. She carries on by telling her followers to “think of yourself as a part of this planet,” urging them to become more aware that in the midst of the world-shaking impacts of Covid-19, the planet still needs the love it deserves. Party islands and DJ havens, such as Ibiza, are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, making this discovery hit even closer to home with Engberg and her fans.

She ends the post by saying “for humanity and for all living beings, we need to unite globally. Maybe I’m stating the obvious, maybe I’m not.” This comment mimics one we see often in the music world, where unity is at the heart of every musical experience.

As a well-known DJ, Engberg spreads love and compassion across her medias and influences her followers to choose a path that will create a better world to live in freely, where the seas are clean and people are just as in love with the planet as Engberg.

Written by Drew O'keeffe