Recently, we had the honour in speaking to Nakadia, a Thai DJ who revolutionised techno in her native country, whilst making her presence known in notable European party locations such as Ibiza and Berlin.

Nakadia first encountered techno in 2002, and ever since, she has devoted herself to creating a unique sonic fuse.

Image Credit: DJ Nakadia

MITA Magazine journalist Memoona Ali caught up with Nakadia, discussing her career, performance routine and of course, COVID-19.

MA: You have produced a lot of music over the years, what would you say inspires/influences you, and how would you best describe your work?

N: I see myself mainly as a DJ, whilst trying to be a producer. I try hard to learn every day but to be a good producer takes lots of experience and time. Good producers can produce exactly what they have in mind. I am not that far yet. I play around with my gear until something pops up that sounds interesting. I get inspired by playing around with my gear and then take a layout to my production partner Ramon Zenker and we work it out together until we have a perfect track. It’s very important for me to deliver the highest possible quality of production since my characteristics are of a perfectionist. My music is energetic and uplifting, it’s powerful but not too hard.

Image Credit: DJ Nakadia

MA: Through music, is there a particular story or message that you aim to share or deliver to your fans?

N: With my productions, I just try to deliver the same sound that people can expect from me as a DJ. My DJ sets and my productions go hand in hand. I never play flat sets. I always tell a story with my sets and changes of emotion are very important to me.

MA: How do you prepare yourself before a performance, do you have a routine in place?

N: During a normal year, it has become a standard routine to look for new music on Tuesdays. Wednesdays I update my playlists by adding 20-30 new tracks each week and deleting nearly the same number of old tracks out. That is my preparation for the weekend. Once I am on tour I don’t prepare any more. I just make sure to be at the event or club minimum 1 hour before my set time, so I can feel the atmosphere and figure out how to start my set.

Image Credit: DJ Nakadia

MA: Throughout your career, what would you say has been the best event that you’ve been apart of?

N: My career has been going for quite some time and I had so many great experiences and so many special nights, that it would be impossible to name just one. I played at the Berlin love parade back in 2006 and performing in between 1,5 million people is something nobody would ever forget. But also my first performance at Tomorrowland felt very special, as it is a festival like no other. Then there are places where the people are so amazing that it becomes a highlight for a lifetime – like the rainbow serpent festival near Melbourne in Australia. One other important highlight of my career was my own party as a promoter when I made history in Thailand with one of the best parties I ever witnessed: playing together with Sven Väth on the beach of Koh Samui.

MA: In the current situation with Coronavirus, having been in lockdown for several months, how have you coped and has it affected your music?

N: It actually has been a positive experience for me, and I think for many of the artists that had full tour schedules for years. I was exhausted, having no idea how long I could have continued the touring if the coronavirus would not have given me a break. I did not have a break for 18 years - only nonstop touring. Sleepless nights, jetlags, taking over 300 flights each year. The COVID-19 pandemic gave me a much-needed break and I enjoyed staying home a lot! Finally, I have time to work on my production skills and learn my equipment more. But I miss the parties and now I can’t wait to go back on tour again!

MA: Are you working on any new projects/tracks currently? Is there anything that you are particularly excited about in the near future?

N: Besides working on more my music and planning tours across all continents for 2021, one more thing I finally have time for is to write a book. My story has been very unique and several film companies have approached me in the past to produce the movie of my life. Now I am writing it down and if all goes well production will start early next year. You can find out how a little girl that grew up without electricity or running water ended up bringing her techno sound to 75 countries around the world. It was a pure rollercoaster ride with lots of drama but luckily it looks like a happy end after all.

Words by Memoona Ali