London nightclub becomes a food depot to aid the vulnerable during the Coronavirus pandemic

Updated: May 4, 2020

One of the largest nightclubs in the UK, Studio 338, has recently announced that they will temporarily become a food distribution centre to help those most affected by the coronavirus. The nightclub located in Greenwich ensures that their goal is to aid people who are ‘most at risk’, allowing them to stay home and deliver necessary products to them. 

They are looking to recruit people who have had charity management experience, specifically those who have worked in homeless shelters and food banks. Studio 338 has taken a divergence from other London nightclubs, with many deciding to temporarily close and postpone events due to the severity of the virus. Some of these clubs include XOYO, Fabric, Ministry of Sound, Printworks and EGG. 


The coronavirus is an ongoing pandemic which is significantly affecting citizens globally. It has caused many other businesses such as restaurant and pubs to momentarily close. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, gave a briefing on March 16, advising people to avoid non-essential travel and contact as the death toll of COVID-19 continues to rise.

Text by Dominic Magli







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