MITA FLASH News: Artists react to Rishi Sunak interview

Artists from the entertainment sector shared their thoughts on the British government, specifically the chancellor Rishi Sunak, following his interview on October 6, 2020, with ITV.

During this interview, Sunak suggested that entertainers such as artists, musicians and actors should seek different occupations as a result of the job market being impacted by COVID-19.

Former Oasis frontman and veteran rockstar Liam Gallagher was one of the first musicians to share his opinion on chancellors comments on Twitter.

Songwriter Sam Fender also went on Twitter to share his thoughts, explaining how the arts are crucial for helping people get through difficult times such as these.

Many other notable creatives such as Sue Perkins, David Rowntree and Bradley Drawn Boy also spoke out against the comments of the chancellor, criticising his ignorance on the importance of the arts socially and economically.

Hundreds of freelance musicians gathered in Parliament Square yesterday to highlight the lack of government support in their industry.

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Words by Dominic Magli