MITA News: Reputable house DJ Marco Faraone drops new album

Respected and versatile DJ/producer Marco Faraone has released his new album today titled 'HOPE'.

Faraone stated that the concept of the album was inspired by journalist Ian Urbina's 2019 book 'The Outlaw Ocean: Crime and Survival in the Last Untamed Frontier'.

The Outlaw Ocean originally started as a series featured in The New York Times, but due to its success, was turned into a book by Urbina.

The book has been credited by many publications and journalists due to its complex portrayal of the ocean's dangers and criminal culture.

Faraone grew up in Tuscany, Italy, deriving from a musical background with his father being a DJ in the 1980s and his grandfather being a folk singer.

However, Faraone's interest originally began with hip hop music, being fans of legendary figures such as Tupac Shakur and Run DMC.

Tupac Shakur (gratified) was one of the key figures in popularising the genre of hip hop. (Image Credit: Mali Maeder)

His music interest transitioned further to the genre of drum n bass, regularly playing around with this set. Farrone's enthusiasm did not go unnoticed, as he landed his first gig at the age of 14.

If you are a fan of house or techno music, be sure to support the album 'HOPE' by streaming and sharing it!

Feature Image Credit: Inga Seliverstova

Words by Dominic Magli