Patrik Berg uses his creative flow to guide his music and reach his fans

Updated: May 13, 2020

Written by Memoona Ali

Earlier this week, MITA Magazine was able to interview DJ and music producer, Patrik Berg. With a passion for techno music, Patrik has been described as a ‘great producer’ by many including his label manager, Monika Kruse. The German born musician uses his creative flow in writing and producing to guide his music to reach his fans. “Every one of my tracks is a journey and has its own story to tell.”

Patrik’s music combines sounds of euphoric themes, uplifting atmosphere and an energetic beat based on an exciting and party pumping bassline. Through his music he aims to take his listeners and the party people on the journey that he embarked when creating his sound. In the process of producing music, Patrik uses club vibes and his awareness of deeper issues that people face to inspire his production, politics only plays a small role in inspiring the DJ’s music. “Only a few tracks are motivated politically such as my track ‘Running Numbers,’ but for me it’s more important that my music sets people free and gives them a feeling of freedom regardless of their private problems they may be facing at that moment.” The techno beat are created to tell a story and is produced by the German artist to reach people on a more personal level.

Many of people who have worked with Patrik describe him as being ‘impulsive.’ He has an impressive drive to keep producing top quality new tracks and tests all his new music on crowds in clubs. “It’s always exciting because no one has ever heard them before, so almost every gig is like a little premiere.” Each track has its own purpose and style, in order to keep up to date and find new ideas for his new music, he constantly keeps on top of promos and finds himself endlessly listening to music. Patrik’s passion for music and his ability to produce amazing sounds is appreciated by clubbers and ravers as they vibe to his music which creates a happy and easy-going atmosphere.

It’s not always easy for DJs and music producers to connect with crowds, when asked how he creates the energy and party feeling, Patrik explains “I bring a certain energy and the people at the party bring their own energy too.” He explains to MITA Magazine that he uses the energy at the party which is emitted by the party people to influence his performance and music. “I have different folders on my USB-Stick where I keep all my music, depending on the feeling in the club and the vibe I choose music co-ordinately.” When describing himself, he prefers to use the job description of an entertainer over DJ or Producer. Prepping for each show includes being spontaneous and feeling the energy as each gig, party and club is different and give off different vibes.

“I try to spread as much positive energy as possible at my gigs. It’s my job to make people feel good.”

Patrik’s music aims to spread positivity through the messages and feelings they give off, “every human wants to feel something and we thrive off emotions. My music creates everlasting memories and my sounds help people get out of their heads for a while.” Seeing other people happy and enjoying his music makes Patrik’s job easier and helps motivate him create more good times.

“At the end of the day, music is about having fun.”

The uncertain times we are living in at the moment has affected many people and their jobs. As a DJ, lockdown has meant that Patrik has had to adjust the way he performs and shares his music. “Covid-19 has had a massive effect on my career, the situation has blocked my creativity and I can’t perform properly as all gigs are cancelled.” At the start of 2020, Patrik was having a very promising year, he had a lot planned and on paper it was going to be a big year for the German DJ and producer. But like the rest of us, everything changed in March. Patriks career came to a standstill for a couple days as the world adjusted to the effects of the Pandemic. “I had to get myself back into the game. My whole routine of producing a track a week and playing two gigs per weekend was ruined as nobody can go out.” As a family man, he spent his first few weeks of lockdown looking after his baby and wife and worked on the administrative part of his personal and business life.

Since the adjustment of being in lockdown, Patrik is currently working on several Eps for different labels, streaming music to be heard online and is also working on new exciting sample packs. “I’m still trying to reach people with my music even though the quarantine situation doesn’t make it easy, I’m making the best of a bad situation.”

I’m using this time to spend quality time with my family and enjoying the sunny weather whilst also trying to keep fit with outdoor workouts and continuing with sports. I just hope this crazy time if over so we can all go back to partying and raving together!”

Stay home & safe