Studio 338 Announce 10 week programme

Updated: May 18, 2020

In late April, Studio 338 announced a 10-week reopening programme consisting of music events and parties.

The Ibiza mega style club in Greenwich took to their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts to gives partygoers hope on upcoming club events that are planned to take place once the UK government deem that it is safe for clubs to reopen.

The club stated that their 10-week plan scheduled is in partnership with Sankeys, Rinse, R&S and Space.

They elaborated further by stating:

"10% of all profits from our first 10 weeks will go to the Cavell Nurses trust which does some amazing work in supporting current and former nurses through financial hardship".

In March, Studio 338 became a temporary food depot warehouse to aid the vulnerable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In August 2016, tragedy arose at Studio 338. Fire struck the building almost completely destroying the club, and sadly, it took the life of one of the club's staff members.

Although the fire was damaging, Studio 338 made a comeback in 2017, reinstating itself as one of the top clubs in London.

The club in their statement reassured partygoers that the virus will not put an end them:

"If the fire couldn't stop us then, the virus won't stop us now".

Text by Dominic Magli