MITA Flash: A talk with Seb Zito

On 27 September 2020, our team at MITA magazine attended the Studio 338 summer closing party located in Greenwich, South East London.

Although the capacity of the event was limited, the atmosphere of the venue was vibrant, energetic and welcoming.

The main attraction of the event was Seb Zito, a prominent house DJ who is a member of FUSE London.

We caught up with Seb after his performance at a Studio 338 event. He spoke to us about his live performance with Fuse London whilst explaining how COVID-19 has effected him socially and professionally.

Seb stated that during the peak of the pandemic, he was able to spend quality time with his family.

He also explains how he has been active in regards to producing, participating in a Fuse London Facebook stream set which took place after the lockdown restrictions had been eased.

This has been the only live stream Seb has done post lockdown. He feels that the release a SoundCloud DJ set is timeless as long as it fulfils its purpose; to sonically captivate listeners.

Words by Dominic Magli